torch-uvc-and-geiger-low-res.jpgCOVID-19 PRODUCTS FROM THIN AIR ENERGYTM

Scientifically designed for improved effectiveness

Thin Air Energy antiviral products are scientifically designed. They are patent pending, state of the art, with improved safety and efficacy.

‚ÄčThe products are designed with careful attention to a large number of published papers, including research that shows the improved germicidal efficacy of UVc when appropriately modulated

Our new TORCH UVcTM product allows you to kill germs and viruses.  It features up to 48 UVc output LEDs, and has two really cool features: modulated UVc output, shown to increase germicidal effectiveness; and a bright flashing white, which deters you from looking directly at the UVc light and also shows areas that are shadowed. 

We’re also introduced GEIGER UVc, which shows the strength of light from any UVc source. It is also useful for exposing fraudster UVc products.

“Thin Air Energy is at the forefront of germicidal and antiviral products for home and office use. These two new products provide an enormous benefit to the user, with novel germicidal and anti-viral efficacy, along with a simple way to measure the field strength and dose of uvc radiation.

James Wiebe, CEO of Thin Air Energy