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GEIGER UVc Pro shows the strength of light and dose from any UVc source. It is also useful for exposing fraudster UVc products.

  • Allows users to easily measure the field strength of UVc radiation. Measures the field strength of only UVc, ignoring UVa and UVb (which are commonly used in tanning salons and resin curing lights, and also potentially in fake UVc devices).  Also has great resistance to visible light as well.  
  • Size of a key fob.
  • Shows continuous UVc field strength (in milliwatts), as well as measures the cumulative dosing, providing an LED alarm indication when 5000 millijoules and then 30000 millijoules of radiation have been detected. These dosing levels reflect dosing known to be effective for disinfection from published literature for certain germs and viruses. When the dosing level is achieved, a LED on GEIGER UVc turns on – it’s that simple.  

Evolving research is showing that efficacy of UVc germicidal and anti-viral lights is reliant on field strength over a function of time, which produces the value of dosing, usually express in millijoules. GEIGER UVc is designed to show field strength, and to show when significant dose levels are realized.

​In practical application, if the user waves a UVc wand over GEIGER, it will instantaneously show the field strength via an LED array. After a period of time, it will then show when a particular dosing level has been realized by illuminating another LED.

​If the user waves a non-functional UVc wand over GEIGER, GEIGER will immediately show that no UVc energy is being received.



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